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GB-2127867-A: Fibrous material patent, GB-2132495-A: Spray drying patent, GB-2143404-A: Digital switching system patent, GB-2143554-A: Wall tie patent, GB-2143860-A: Machine control systems patent, GB-2148882-A: Isotope replenishment in halocarbons of use in laser separation process patent, GB-2150128-A: Production of silicon from raw quartz patent, GB-2152464-A: Apparatus for maintaining balance of link mechanism of robot patent, GB-2152922-A: Glass cutting machine patent, GB-2158221-A: Louvred ventilators patent, GB-2166037-A: A method of preparing a reformed food product patent, GB-2166990-A: Machines for pressure forming surface configurations on a rotary workpiece patent, GB-2170013-A: Combination weighing machines patent, GB-2173808-A: Free radical initiated polymerization of polymerizable ethylenically unsaturated monomer component in the presence of hydrogen peroxide patent, GB-2177994-A: Belt conveyor patent, GB-2179643-A: Apparatus for supplying screws, rivets, etc patent, GB-2192613-A: Corner joint for boxes patent, GB-2203522-A: Micro gas flow rate control valve patent, GB-2206212-A: Determining position and/or replacement patent, GB-2222803-A: Thermal head for printer. patent, GB-2228523-A: A locking mechanism patent, GB-2235927-A: A sulfonic acid group-containing polyurethane and a photosensitive resin composition containing the same patent, GB-2239433-A: Air bag patent, GB-2241307-A: Sabot projectile patent, GB-2248128-A: A single board computer patent, GB-2253178-A: Fastener attaching apparatus patent, GB-2259394-A: Drum head tensioning system patent, GB-2260398-A: An air venting device for a panel radiator patent, GB-2260625-A: Current-sharing multi-element voltage regulator patent, GB-2262710-A: Composite article patent, GB-2275574-A: An electrical switch assembly patent, GB-2281914-A: Solid compositions patent, GB-2293900-A: Parallel discrete event simulation patent, GB-2295569-A: Enhanced laser beam welding patent, GB-2297013-A: Operation of a portable radio telephone for call set-up and handover patent, GB-2297238-A: A return-preventing device with synchronized pawl and gear patent, GB-2297667-A: Portable control device with multi-mode transmission patent, GB-2297911-A: Acetabular cement pressuriser patent, GB-2303577-A: Device for holding and discharging a homogeneous cellulose suspension patent, GB-2305630-A: Postcard with adhesive areas for attachment of photographs or other items patent, GB-2306393-A: Check system for lotteries and pools patent, GB-2308531-A: Sleep mode in radio telephone controlled by incoming coded signal patent, GB-2308870-A: Stepless speed change device using variator and summing planetary gearing to g ive multi-mode operation patent, GB-2310392-A: A mount of a needle chisel for a hammer drill patent, GB-2312204-A: An elongate boundary wall panel patent, GB-2315457-A: Cutting apparatus patent, GB-2323809-A: Motor driven portable planer patent, GB-2325381-A: Dual Speed Communications Apparatus patent, GB-2326254-A: Agent system sends object including program and data to server for execution patent, GB-2329409-A: Earth clearing apparatus patent, GB-2331443-A: Method for restricting plant root growth. patent, GB-2335888-A: Autonomous underwater vehicle patent, GB-2337298-A: Mounting device patent, GB-2338579-A: Display for a portable device patent, GB-2342695-A: Balance shaft, eg for engines, with recessed cross-section patent, GB-2344542-A: Fuel filter mounting patent, GB-2346787-A: Power supply module patent, GB-2347665-A: A dispensing system for anti-freeze and detergent patent, GB-2347967-A: Door security device patent, GB-2348633-A: Wrapping bales in composite material patent, GB-2349625-A: Packaging patent, GB-2351303-A: Locating a downhole reference member for subsequent drilling operations patent, GB-2354284-A: A lever operated rotary drive mechanism for a reclining seat patent, GB-2358897-A: Hydraulic braking system for a trailer having pressure sensing and transmission, disc brakes, and a secondary overrun brake patent, GB-2359770-A: Method of curtain coating patent, GB-2367872-A: Device for restricting access to the head of a fastener patent, GB-2373949-A: Apparatus for scanning a bound area or sub region within a scanner surface. patent, GB-2374372-A: Barrier for preventing vehicle access through an entrance patent, GB-2374400-A: Accumulator with internal heat exchanger patent, GB-2375636-A: A system for providing professional services patent, GB-2376887-A: Mosquito control using a surfactant which acts as a powerful larvicide patent, GB-2379774-A: Electronic user pays product and/or service controller patent, GB-2382415-A: Vertically aligned liquid crystal device patent, GB-2386632-A: Mesh system for use in manholes and inspection chambers patent, GB-2390094-A: Organic domain/inorganic domain complex materials and use thereof patent, GB-2392145-A: Plural mode steering system patent, GB-2394046-A: Pressure profile measurement of a seismic survey airgun using a pressure senor located within the airgun firing chamber patent, GB-2394209-A: A left handed pen patent, GB-2394623-A: Channel estimation in a wireless communication system patent, GB-2396390-A: Speed changing mechanism for an electric tool patent, GB-2396417-A: Method for automatically adjusting measuring instrument and device using the same patent, GB-2397902-A: Photolithography overlay control using feedforward overlay information patent, GB-2399882-A: Screening for a CD45 point mutation which indicates altered immunological function patent, GB-2403275-A: Dispensing device patent, GB-2405565-A: Reducing DC offset on a baseband signal patent, GB-2410341-A: Method and apparatus for the development of a control process for an instrument patent, GB-2410470-A: Puppet for holding writing implement on a finger patent, GB-2413187-A: Investigation of subterranean reservoirs patent, GB-2413712-A: Magnetic light bulb fitting patent, GB-2413900-A: Chip antenna with a feed arrangement to plural radiating elements including parasitic elements patent, GB-2415338-A: Fading frequency estimation using a complex product of pilot symbols patent, GB-2427290-A: Common descriptor format patent, GB-2431382-A: Imitation brake disc patent, GB-2431502-A: Sign mounting arrangement patent, GB-2434526-A: Bed scissor lifting apparatus patent, GB-2437921-A: A system for repairing a heart valve patent, GB-2439889-A: In-system reconfiguring of hardware resources patent, GB-2440295-A: A system for controlling the rate of a pump on a water drainage outlet of a water dispensing unit patent, GB-2440781-A: Support bracket patent, GB-2442120-A: Vehicle overhead assembly having a combination mirror and storage bin assembly patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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